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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Software Analysis and Compilation Research Laboratory has a long history of involving undergraduate CIS majors in research projects. As a beginning researcher, you will collaborate with Dr. Lori Pollock and one or more CIS graduate students who are actively investigating research problems.

As an undergraduate participating in a research project, you will

  • work independently on a well-defined subproject of a larger research project
  • meet regularly with Dr. Pollock and the research team to discuss progress, issues to be resolved, and directions for the next steps
  • interact with the research team members on a daily basis to collaborate in problem solving
  • learn how to use various scripting and programming languages, software tools, and software infrastructures inherently helpful in the project
  • learn how to read and understand existing software to leverage and modify existing software for a research project
  • learn about the research process, particularly research with a significant basis in experimental computer science
  • gain a close up view of various aspects of graduate school
  • build a mentoring relationship with graduate students and professor
  • establish a valuable record of research experience, knowledge, and skills beyond the classroom experience, increasing your competitiveness for graduate school or post-bachelors employment

There are interesting projects for all levels, from first through senior years. Some possible ways to participate in a research project include

Often a student starts in one of these roles and then changes to a different role, all while working on a research project with Dr. Pollock and a group of graduate and/or undergraduate student researchers.

To provide a strong, mentored research experience, undergraduate researchers focus on projects linked to current lab research projects.

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