Graduate and Postdoc Research Opportunities

A core component of the Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab is mentoring PhD students through learning the research process, so they can grow to become successful research leaders in computer science. We also welcome visiting scholars, postdocs and master's students interested in getting involved in the Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab's research projects.

There are several different ways to get involved as a graduate student. The preferable way to get started is to spend a semester or summer in the lab completing an independent study (CISC 868 Research) course for 3 credits. Depending on how the semester project goes, you could get more deeply involved in the same project, or a related (possibly newly created) project as a more permanent member of the lab.

There are often possibilities to be funded as a research assistant on different projects in the lab. The faculty research investigators use several criteria for selecting research assistants:

  • strong performance in graduate courses related to the research area
  • demonstrated independent problem solver in independent study or course by the faculty investigator
  • strong work ethic
  • demonstrated interest in the research area/project

Courses at UD Relevant to the Research

  • CISC 673 Advanced Program Analysis and Transformations
  • CISC 879 Software Tools and Environments
  • CISC 879 Software Testing and Maintenance
  • CISC 603 Software Verification
  • CISC 675 Software Engineering
  • CISC 683 Introduction to Data Mining
  • CISC 882 Natural Language Processing
  • CISC 888 Machine Learning
  • CISC689/489 Information Retrieval
  • CISC 662 Computer Systems Architecture
  • CISC 672 Advanced Compiler Construction
  • CISC 673 Advanced Program Analysis and Transformations
  • CISC 873 Compiling for Multicore
  • CISC 874 Parallel Programming
  • CISC 888 Machine Learning

Courses in ECE may also apply.

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