Web Application Testing

The increased availability and continuous use of the web for daily operations by businesses, consumers, and government has popularized e-commerce and created a great demand for reliable web applications. We have developed automated approaches to improve many stages of the testing process within a customizable framework. Our work focuses on test-suite reduction, oracle comparators, test-suite replay, and test-case generation.

Our Goals

  • To perform scalable test suite reduction of user sessions and generate reduced suites that are efficient in terms of program coverage and fault detection ability.
  • To perform dynamic analysis of user sessions to understand the usage and dynamic behavior of web applications and to motivate the reduction techniques developed.
  • To develop a customizable, automated framework for scalable testing of web applications. We have developed pluggable oracle comparators, test-case replay mechanisms, and test-case generation algorithms that plug into this framework.


Models for Generating Test Cases

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Test-Suite Reduction

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Test Requirements

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