Find The World - Bib Searching Activity

Goal: Learn how to do a thorough literature search.

Task: For the following research problem, go on an electronic hunt to find all relevant research papers targeted at some aspect of this problem.

Topic/research problem: “testing security of web applications”

Deliverable: A complete citation for each paper found (all authors in order, title, conference/journal, date). Each citation should be on a separate strip of paper. - Print them out and cut the paper so each cite is separate. We will be using these separate small sheets of single citations in class. Also print out another copy that is not cut, and bring it to class for reference.

Resources to use: IEEE digital library, ACM digital library (UD has licenses for both of these. You can access them on campus without paying for articles, or set up a UD proxy (see the technology help desk online at UD for help). Citeseer, Google scholar.

Main conferences of interest: ICSE, ISSTA, FSE, ICST, ISSRE, ICSM, OOPSLA, some security conferences
Main journals: ACM TOSEM, IEEE TSE

Due at start of class on Tuesday, September 8.