CISC/MISY Study Abroad Summer 2010

International Studies Program Page Major Destinations: Geneva, Switzerland and Volterra, Italy

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June 10, 2010 - July 9, 2010 (dates tentative)

This program will explore how technological innovation can be applied to business problems and humanitarian efforts. The Geneva component will focus on the issues, strategies, and impacts of open source software as a potential alternative to proprietary systems, particularly for organizations working on humanitarian causes. The Volterra component will focus on evaluating emerging web services technologies for artisans in the Volterra area. Geneva is the


CISC 267 International Open Source Software for Humanity - This course investigates the culture, process, enabling technologies, and prominent projects in the open source software movement, along with its economics, legal issues, business venues, and humanitarian and educational roles.

MISY 340 Emerging Technologies - Businesses need to learn how to leverage new technologies to be effective. Explores emerging technologies, both from a technical and a managerial perspective. Focus will be on using technology to improve business processes and solve business problems.

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