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-====== ​Information for Interested ​Graduate ​Students ​======+====== Graduate ​and Postdoc Research Opportunities ​====== 
 +A core component of the Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab is mentoring PhD students 
 +through learning the research process, so they can grow to become successful research leaders in computer science. We also welcome visiting scholars, postdocs and master'​s students interested in getting involved in the Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab's research projects.  
 +There are several different ways to get involved as a graduate student. 
 +The preferable way to get started is to spend a semester or summer in the lab completing an independent study (CISC 868 Research) course for 3 credits. Depending on how the semester project goes, you could get more deeply 
 +involved in the same project, or a related (possibly newly created) project as a more permanent member of the lab. 
 +There are often possibilities to be funded as a research assistant on different projects in the lab. 
 +The faculty research investigators use several criteria for selecting research assistants:​ 
 +  * strong performance in graduate courses related to the research area 
 +  * demonstrated independent problem solver in independent study or course by the faculty investigator 
 +  * strong work ethic 
 +  * demonstrated interest in the research area/​project  
 +  ​
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- +Courses in ECE may also apply.
-(Courses in ECE may also apply.)+
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