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TAG Workshop Planning Page

Notes from 2/12/2011 Meeting in Philadelphia

Tennessee Tech - Ambareen, Martha Seth - from high school in Florida Bob - from Poconos high school Rebecca Dovi - high school teacher in Richmond - president of csta central VA Rachna - assistant to Joanne Lecia Barker - recruiting Joanne Cohoon Luther - research with Jim Cohoon Teresa - high school Virginia Mel Jurist - UD Jim Cohoon

Ways to entice kids: one logic problem per day or week in teams in class.

tag workshops:

  • 30 participants
  • not focused on content
  • stepends to support teacher participants
  • provide high quality materials from ncwit and csta
  • focus is pedagogy - how to teach to reach a broad audience into class
  • professional development for high school teachers
  • housing on campus
  • $1000 stipend
  • issue certificate to teachers - attended prof develop and number of hours

Need to get financing for later workshops:

  • stipends for teachers
  • housing on campus for nonlocal teachers
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