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-====== ​What This Place Is ======+====== ​Landing Pad  ​======
-This is the service and courses wiki...+[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​cs-edu/​cs10k|CS10K project]]
-Need to update the allowed users+[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​courses/​home|Lori'​s Course Wikis]]
-What should be here?  What should be in the sidebar?+[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​ud-loyola/​home|UD Loyola Collaboration Page]]
 +[[http://​www.cis.udel.edu/​content/​committee-software-engineering-masters-program|JGCSE Committee Pages]]
 +[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​nsf-cri/​home|NSF CRI Proposal Notes Page]]
 +[[http://​www.cis.udel.edu/​content/​cis-publicity-commitee-page|Dept PR Committee Page]]
 +[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​cs-edu/​home|CS Education Projects/​Grants]]
 +[[http://​hiper.cis.udel.edu/​lp/​doku.php/​cerdec/​home| UD CERDEC Collaboration Page]]
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