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-====== UDaily: ​ UD computer science students create teaching aids ====== 
-  Professor Lori Pollock and Terry Harvey led a fast-track Winter Session course in 2009 designed partly as a way to explore how students would respond to new teaching methods and materials, partly to explore the challenges of incorporating robots into introductory computer sciences courses, and partly to initiate UD involvement in the One Laptop per Child program. 
-  * [[http://​www.udel.edu/​udaily/​2009/​feb/​computers021209.html|The UDaily Article]] 
-====== UDaily: ​ Researchers Mine Words to Help Programmers ====== 
-Professors Lori Pollock and Vijay Shanker are featured in an article on UDaily talking about 
-the NSF grant that they received in 2008. This grant is for their seminal work in introducing Natural Language Processing 
-techniques to the field of program analysis, thereby helping in a variety of program comprehension and maintenance tasks. 
-  * [[http://​www.udel.edu/​PR/​UDaily/​2008/​oct/​software100507.html|The UDaily Article]] 
 ====== UDaily: Transformation Grants Spark Passion for Learning ====== ====== UDaily: Transformation Grants Spark Passion for Learning ======
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