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 ====== UD Review: Women a minority in computer science ====== ====== UD Review: Women a minority in computer science ======
-[[http://​media.www.udreview.com/​media/​storage/​paper781/​news/​2007/​05/​01/​News/​Women.A.Minority.In.Computer.Science-2889516.shtml|The UD Review Article]]+Lori Pollock is quoted in a UD [[http://​www.udreview.com|Review]] article about the number of women in the computer science department. 
 +[[http://​media.www.udreview.com/​media/​storage/​paper781/​news/​2007/​05/​01/​News/​Women.A.Minority.In.Computer.Science-2889516.shtml|The UD Review Article]] ​([[http://​www.cis.udel.edu/​~cisters/​archive/​udreview.050107.html|Our archived version]])
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