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 ===== Location and Directions ===== ===== Location and Directions =====
 Mailing Address: Mailing Address:
 Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab Software Analysis and Compilation Research Lab
 c/o Lori Pollock c/o Lori Pollock
 Department of Computer and Information Sciences Department of Computer and Information Sciences
 University of Delaware University of Delaware
 Newark, DE 19716 Newark, DE 19716
-We are in 213 Smith Hall, on the main campus of University of Delaware+We are in 213 Smith Hall, (corner of South College Avenue and Amstel Ave) on the main campus of University of Delaware
 in Newark, Delaware, not far off of Interstate-95. in Newark, Delaware, not far off of Interstate-95.
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  • 213 Smith Hall   •   Computer & Information Sciences   •   Newark, DE 19716  •   USA
    Phone: 302-831-6339  •   Fax: 302-831-8458